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XM3 Drink 4 oz Mini-Bottle - Trial
XM3 Drink 4 oz Mini-Bottle - Trial
XM3 Drink 4 oz Mini-Bottle - Trial
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FAQ: XM3 Drink

With Russ Bianchi, Zija's XM3 Formulator Q: How do I take XM3? A: XM3 comes in a 16 ounce bottle. The recommended serving is 2 ounces, so there are 8 servings per bottle. Drink 2 to 3 ounces in the morning and as desired throughout the day (do not consume more than 8 ounces per day). XM3 is not suitable for people under the age of 18, those sensitive to caffeine, or other stimulants. We recommend consuming XM3 before 5 P.M. to not disrupt your sleep patterns.

Q: Why XM3? A: The best time to drink Zija is on an empty stomach at least 15 minutes before a healthy meal. Zija was designed to be fully absorbable by the body, and any other foods or beverages may reduce bioavailability. XM3 addresses three real concerns—appetite control, healthy energy, and pure nutrition. That's why we call it XM3, the world's only Extreme Moringa Drink. XM3 delivers real, all-natural metabolic benefits with none of the harmful neurostimulants, artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, stabilizers, and sweeteners, of other so-called "energy drink" brands. In an energy beverage industry teeming with unsubstantiated claims and an overabundance of hype, many energy drinks simply offer "false" energy and can actually be harmful. XM3, on the other hand, works. Its energy enhancement, appetite suppression, and nutrition all result from safe and all-natural ingredients.

Q: How do I compare XM3 to other Zija Moringa beverages? A: In order to address the three focal points of XM3—appetite control, natural energy, and pure nutrition—a synergistic balance of ingredients was formulated. XM3 contains, therefore, the correct amount of each active ingredient necessary, without compromising any desired result of the remaining actives. Those who use XM3 on a daily basis may enjoy a similar amount of Moringa found in any other Zija beverage. When considering your personal health goals you may wish to maximize your Moringa intake by including the Smart Mix or Smart Drink with your XM3 usage. Years of research and development, combined with the delicious tropical taste, make XM3 a one-of-a-kind product. XM3 is synergistically formulated with Zija's proprietary blend of the five parts of the Moringa oleifera tree, as well as all plant-based Natural Caffeine, Desert Tea, Green Tea, Fruit Pectin, Naturally Occurring Trimethlglycine (TMG), Ginseng, and All Natural Allium Sativum, in Purified Spring Water, with All Natural Flavorings. Natural Caffeine: Found in many plants, leaves, beans, and fruits, it is a safe central nervous system stimulant, providing alertness in humans for thousands of years. Desert Tea: First used by Native Americans and then western Pioneers, this plant increases cardiovascular capacity and improves oxygenation and circulation for enhanced metabolic energy and immunity. Green Tea: Enjoys a long list of proven health benefits such as weight loss, improved brain function, and circulatory benefits dating back thousands of years. Fruit Pectin: Recently published studies have shown fruit pectin to have anti-cancer benefits and contribute to the reduction of harmful cholesterol absorption. TMG (Trimethylglycine): Organic compound from plant roots that assist with fat loss and appetite control and reduction of homocysteine levels. Ginseng: Has a long natural herbal history in weight control as well as beneficial metabolic energy without harmful side effects. Allium sativum: A plant bulb dating back to ancient Egypt in agricultural human use, Allium has been shown to improve circulatory and cardiovascular health, and enhances lipid metabolism.

Q: What is Desert Tea (Ephedra nevadensis)? A: Desert Tea has a history of use that reaches back hundreds of years. Ephedra has long been brewed into a substitute for coffee, traditional teas, a stimulating drink to soothe the stomach, relieve backaches, and lessen cold symptoms. As with many plant based health remedies, these historic uses have not yet been subjected to scientific review. The Ephedra in XM3 contains compounds common to many Ephedra varieties found throughout the world.

Q: Is XM3 Legal? A: YES! XM3 is legal under FDA regulations because it does not contain the alkaloids restricted by the Food and Drug Administration. In 2004, the Food and Drug Administration banned the sale of ephedrine alkaloids in dietary supplements. Some known species of the Ephedra plant contain ephedrine alkaloids. These banned alkaloids present in the old Ephedra products were termed NON-SELECTIVE, beta agonists. This meant they fired all the neuro (brain function) and cardiovascular (heart rate and blood pressure) receptors throughout the body. XM3 contains real Ephedra without any of the banned alkaloids. XM3 synergistically delivers Desert Tea - Ephedra nevadensis - boosting metabolism, and reducing calorie consumption through appetite suppression. With XM3, the qualities of Ephedra that so many people enjoyed are now safely delivered in a completely legal, and delicious lifestyle beverage without any of the negative side effects that come from the banned alkaloids found in other types of Ephedra.

Q: How much caffeine is in XM3? A: A serving of XM3 contains about as much caffeine as a two cups of coffee.

Q: Is XM3 healthy? A: The key ingredients in XM3 have been consumed for hundreds, in some cases thousands of years. XM3 provides an array of natural herbs, anti-oxidants, plant proteins, omega oils, vitamins, and minerals. All in all, XM3 provides a wide array of natural ingredients to support your immune system while promoting weight loss and boundless energy. Because XM3 contains xanthines, it is recommended that people sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants, or those who are seeking to become pregnant, pregnant or nursing mothers refrain from using XM3. If you are taking over-the-counter or prescription medicines, please consult your health care practitioner to determine whether XM3 is right for you.

Q: Can XM3 help me reach my fitness and weight management goals? A: The proprietary blend of ingredients in XM3 includes the key combination of extracts and xanthines known to increase your body's natural calorie burn. This generates heat in a process called thermogenesis, and enables you to potentially lose unwanted fat. Our proprietary blend is also shown to enhance endurance, increase mental focus and help you power through your exercise program. XM3 can help you avoid the pitfalls of so many diet plans. Remember, the key to any weight loss strategy and fitness plan is staying with a sensible diet and sustainable exercise program. XM3 was formulated to help you reach your lifestyle goals.

Q: What's wrong with the modern food and beverage chain? A: In random and scientific surveys conducted over the past two decades, consumers across the globe have consistently and repeatedly asked for improved nutrition and healthful options in their daily diets. The two most common concerns? Lack of energy and inadequate appetite control.

Q: Why is that the case? A: Essentially, the majority of today's food and beverages are mostly processed and refined. Globally, more and more food and beverages are consumed outside the home and are highly processed. And we as consumers have little idea what we are truly consuming or if it is good or bad for us. Most of today's common and available foods do NOT deliver all essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential amino acids, dietary fiber, and a host of other necessary nutritional compounds, at required metabolic daily levels. Due to a significant increase in calories, one-third of all Americans are medically diagnosed as "morbidly obese". We are consuming more food than ever, yet we have less energy, and our waistline continues to grow. We are suffering from a diet that is the primary cause of ailments and conditions related to nutrient depletion, such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, cardio vascular health, cancers, vision problems, arthritis, kidney failure, and obesity, to name a few.

Q: How bad is the problem? A: Current rates of conditions related to nutrient depletion are unprecedented, especially in age groups that include teens and children. And for the first time in several hundred years, it is now widely accepted that the generation born in the last ten years will have a shorter life span than the previous generation. In essence, we are overfed and undernourished, eating and drinking ourselves to an earlier death. XM3: A solution for modern health problems An ancient Asian saying states that, "In every disaster there is opportunity". Today's health disasters like obesity, poor diet, decreased exercise levels, and lack of energy, are well documented. XM3 is a safe and natural solution that provides authentic energy, appetite control and pure nutrition benefits. DRINK LIFE IN with XM3, a one-of-a-kind, super lifestyle beverage. About Russ Bianchi Russ Bianchi is the Founder, Managing Director, and CEO of Adept Solutions, Inc., a global product development creation, brand conversion, and stabilization corporation, based in Soquel, California, in the Monterey Bay Area, serving many successful companies in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, dietary & nutritional supplement, cosmetics, and flavor sectors. Mr. Bianchi is a professional member of the American Association Of Cereal Chemists, the Institute Of Food Technologists, the American Association of Candy Technologists, the International Society Of Pharmaceutical Engineering, & the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. Mr. Bianchi has extensively lectured, published, and been quoted in the media, on nutrition and health related matters.

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