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Grab your rubber ducky and get ready to have a blast in this Ernie from Sesame Street costume. Red and blue horizontally-striped shirt, blue pants and plush headpiece. Rubber duckie not included.

Funny, free-spirited Ernie is the trickster in the Bert and Ernie duo. Ernie loves to take baths, and his Rubber Duckie Song is a classic tribute to this favorite activity and toy. Ernie has an extremely active imagination, and has a great many thoughts and ideas running through his mind. What would life be like on the moon? What would happen if he went to the zoo? What if something bad happens to Bert? His mind is always on the go, and he often wants to share his thoughts with Bert. Ernie is a master of “the accidental wake-up,” frequently chatting to a slumbering Bert until he is forced to wake up and listen. Ernie delights in teasing serious Bert, and he usually manages to come out one step ahead of his straight-laced pal. But he really cares about Bert, and he wouldn’t know what to do without his old buddy and best pal. Besides, Bert has his own way of evening the score -- when he realizes Ernie has tricked him, he makes him clean the apartment they share at 123 Sesame Street.