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Bye Bye Birdie is a 1963 musical comedy film from Columbia Pictures.

Conrad Birdie (Jesse Pearson), a popular rock and roll star, obtains an Army draft notice, devastating his teenage supporters around the country. Albert Peterson (Dick Van Dyke) is an unsuccessful songwriter although he has a doctorate in biochemistry. He schemes with his secretary and long-suffering sweetheart Rosie DeLeon (Janet Leigh) to have Birdie sing a song Albert will write, however Birdie's conscription places a halt to the plan. Rosie, however, convinces Ed Sullivan to have Birdie sing a track Albert will certainly create called "One Last Kiss" on The Ed Sullivan Show, and then kiss a randomly-chosen senior high girl farewell before going off to the Army. As soon as that is a success, Albert will certainly feel complimentary to marry Rosie, despite his meddlesome mom Mae's (Maureen Stapleton) long history of ensuring absolutely nothing will certainly come between her and her beloved son. Sweet Apple, Ohio, is chosen as the area for Birdie's farewell performance. The random fortunate lady picked is Kim MacAfee (Ann-Margret), who is delighted. Kim already has a senior high sweetheart, Hugo Peabody (Bobby Rydell), who is not so thrilled. The teens of Sweet Apple, blissfully unaware of their town's impending popularity, are spending the "Telephone Hour" catching up on the current gossip: Kim and Hugo have just gotten pinned. Kim feels grown up, and states "Exactly how Lovely to be a Female". On the day Birdie arrives in town, the teenage girls sing their anthem to him, "We Love You Conrad", but the boys despise him for their girls' love for him (" We Detest You Conrad!"). Several of the local adults are unhappy with the sudden personality, specifically after Conrad shows off his hip-thrusting moves while his "Truthfully Sincere" triggers every female to faint. Under pressure from the town's noteworthy residents, Mr. McAfee is unwilling to allow his little girl to kiss Conrad on television, however Albert placates him by telling him that their "entire household" will certainly be on Sullivan's TELEVISION show. Albert discloses to Mr. McAfee that he is actually a biochemist who has established a miracle supplement for domestic animals that will certainly make a hen lay 3 eggs a day; they test it on the family's pet tortoise, which speeds off out the door. McAfee, a fertilizer salesman, sees an excellent future for himself in partnership with Albert marketing this pill. Hugo feels threatened by Conrad; Kim guarantees him that he is the "One Boy" for her. Rosie, meanwhile, feels like Albert does not appreciate her, so Albert encourages her to "Put on a Happy Face". Albert's mom appears, troubled to discover Albert and Rosie together. Harry (Paul Lynde), Kim's dad, is additionally agitated, not liking the way Conrad is taking over his house. They lament what is wrong with these "Kids" today. Throughout rehearsal for the broadcast, an impatient Conrad kisses Kim and she faints. Hugo is hurt, so he and Kim break up. Albert is advised that, for unknown explanations, the Russian ballet has switched to a different dance that needs extra time, for that reason eliminating his song and the farewell kiss to Kim. Their plans for the future could be destroyed. Rosie, fed up with Albert and his mother, dances and flirts with a space filled with men at a Shriners convention (" Sultans' Ballet"). Albert rescues her from the crazed Shriners. Albert, of course, does request to have the ballet shortened to a minimum of four minutes so there will certainly be enough time for Conrad Birdie to sing his tune, however the egotistic Ballet supervisor, most likely unable to understand the significance of the tune's addition, initially rejects to have it shrank, believing that cutting time would mean "artistic sabotage" to such a classic piece of work. However, Rosie slips one of Albert's tablets into the milk of the orchestra's conductor to accelerate the ballet, which not just amuses the market, but also offends the Russians. There is a last-minute scramble to fill air time, and Birdie does get to appear on the show and sing "One Last Kiss". Hugo disrupts the actual kiss by running onstage and knocking out Birdie on live TV. Kim and Hugo reunite. Albert is free to marry now (" Rosie") and his mother agrees, revealing that she is now married to a widower she met the previous night. All the couples (consisting of Mae and her new husband) live gladly ever after. Kim, now wiser, bids Conrad a fond farewell in "Bye Bye Birdie (Reprise)".